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The Cuerama Foundation is a non-profit legal person under private law, which is governed under Angolan law. Its first project is located in Aldeia Cuerama, in the Province of Kwanza Sul, 353 Km south-east of Luanda, Angola. 
In Portugal, we are supported by the Associação Cuerama, a Non-Governmental Organization for Development, which is governed under Portuguese law.



We are focused on the poorest and most isolated communities, with the aim of educating for integral development, promoting human rights and access to education of the most vulnerable .


We aim to improve access to health on the most isolated and poor communities, with a strong focus on  maternal and child health, using positive practices of local and traditional knowledge.


We seek to create new or replicate existing solutions-products, services, models, markets that are sustainable, that simultaneously address a neglected social need and, in  implementation, empower beneficiaries by adding capacities.


We promote sport as a tool for social inclusion, with the aim of incubating sustainable practices, creating partnerships to develop the ecosystem and positive impact on communities.

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